SEARCH: Best Dress of Malang Tempo Doeloe

Yep,, You all who have visited Malang Tempo Doeloe, and you think you were the best dress of the day?? Or you think you've found people with awesome style ??


We'll do best dress polling, and the winner will get an interview session with Fashion On Your Street!!

Quick!! Send the pics and data to fashiononourstreet@gmail.com


rock the office!

Office would never be boring any longer! Bring the cute high-waisted skirt and bow the silk scarf, you'll just rock the office! Well, you only need a nice flat abs for this!

nice hat!

Alright,, so it seems that green does go with purple,, and the hat does go with Batik!
I love the latest trend in Indonesia, all about the exotism of Batik! Just mix it with everything you've already had and you'll get a brand new exotic look! Awww,, dont you love being Indonesian? I do!

pic: Muren, 19, Malang


Mama, i love your CLOTHES!

Gosh, she's so sexy wearing dress and long knit. .
Pic: aGirlCalledRi