No, I'm not being stupid or acting silly in a store. I was just out with my Mom and there you go, a pink little bag peeking in the corner of my eye. It screamed "Hello there, pick me, I'm youuuurs!" I was standing in the middle of the store trying to catch my own breath. It said "C'mon,, another bag wouldn't hurt! I match your pink heels, remember?". I was still standing there like a fool. "Got no money?" It asked, "Why don't you ask your Mom, she just got her lecturing fee? I belong to youuuuu!!"

And NO, people. I'm not exaggerating. That's just how I felt when I saw this little pink bag. If only it didn't cost me a motorbike (yea, what do you expect from a chanel handbag's price tag?) i would be cuddling it by now. Asking my Mom? I wouldn't even think off that. Well,, I lied. I thought of it. Yes, I'm 22, making money of my own, but I'm still the broke daughter drooling over a chanel bag, what else should I think? And guess what the Mom got to say, "This bag looks exactly like your blue chanel bag, only this one is pink. So why would you want that? PLUS you can feed a whole bunch of orphan kids with that price. Don't be ridiculous. " End of discussion.

p.s.: I want it because it's cute, pink, and it's a chanel bag for godsake.



yum! d'lounge cafe resto, mog malang.

The Dream Shoes

How can you say NO???
Please welcome my dream shoes.. from Christian Louboutin,,


no worries,, i'll look for a big job with big money to get this pretty thing into my closet :)

image from www.eluxury-replica.com/images/ChristianLoubo...


Sequin Flat!

If you know me enough, you won't be surprised of my choice! This thing is beyond awesomeness and I got it for a good bargain! 
p.s i'm buying this because my new flat -previous post- is a complete pain.


flatsy bitsy!

My daily life usually involves a lot of pairs of flats. One at a time. And one time usually means 3-6 months. I usually have only 1 or 2 pairs each time, which means i could accumulate around 6 or 8 pairs in a year. But that doesn't mean I have as many options for my daily shoe choice, because usually they get worn out after 2 months,, i have scissorish foot, you see!


Happy Blogger Day!

Happy Blogger Day, everyone! And have a super chillaxing week like me!


barefoot. again.

Yes, since I dont work full time anymore, I'm going to need donations for my plan (read: new shoes). But till then I'll be happy barefooting :)
Anyways. This is just a maxi with thousands patterns on it, and cardigan. I fell in love for the maxi because of the crazy patterns. Think of flowers, leopard, zebra, polkadots, in one piece of fabric.

Aw, and we just won the make up contest today! WE means the girls from uni and I,
Make up contest means the competition held in my uni to celebrate my faculty's Anniversary. Rodiya did Devi's make up blindfolded, and I guided her from like 5 meters behind her. Turned out awesome!

where's the shoes?

i get bored with my shoes, So i decided posing barefoot!


wrong date?

That is Apank, my beloved bestfriend. His birthday was October 1st, but stupidly i thought it was August 31, so, on october 1st, i called him frantically, thought i missed his birthday,, 
i even apologise for being late. And he was kinda pissed, :D i'm sorry!

btw this pic is a wrong example in wearing hijab, as you can see the bonnet peeking, therefore it doesn't look neat :)



it was supposed to be more unordinary than this,,
but the lady who sewn it for me made it look like this,


Leather jacket

Suddenly I want a cute nice leather jacket....


Athya's Corner

that's my friend up there, she is Nadia,,

I've told you that I worked with my friend Athya,
and we made some cute clothes for you,,
the one up there is my design,, thre is one more, though,,
but it's not uploadable yet

these are more from Athya's Corner

There are two more that is waiting in my upload tab,,,
so, see you next time :)


The sketches!

I've been thinking of uploading my sketches
it's not outstandingly drawn
but usually i like it (cos i draw it :P)

If i compare myself right now and me in the past,
it's like a metamorphosing process,
some people usually metamorphosing in the inside
and not much changing on the surface.
But I metamorphosed in such a huge way,
I metamorphosed in and out,

so, i think this sketch represents it the best..

aaaand.... i put this design to a fashion design contest :D
challenging my confidence and broken soul to show my work to the world,
the finalists get to present the actual dress in the grand final,
I hope i'll be one of them,,

finger crossed..
HOPE doesnt hurt
so hoping is perfectly fine :D

and forgive me for the misspell... should be cocoon instead of coccoon..
i know iknow~! Sorry!


The Hi-shoulder....

I went closet cleaning today. I did my mom's old closet. It is called old closet because she put all her old and unused clothes there. I call it treasure box though. Sometimes.
The reason I did this cleaning was mainly because I want new wardrobes. New old wardrobes.
And I wished i could get an old new something in there.

And all the sudden
I found a big pile of shoulder padded jackets and blazers.
And I was like... "O My God.. Look at these high shoulders!!"
I remember how it made many women look like they just came out of Star Trek.
And because of that, I never liked them.

But then,,
I came across these outfits in the net..
I know, it's been around in the runway quite a lot,
in the magz too,
and I thought I was going to talk about it weeks ago.
It didnt happen until this finding stroke me like a lightning.

Some of the newest doesn't use pads anymore, they raised the shoulder somehow
and call it structured shoulder
but some still uses pads but not as sharp and high as what our moms used to wear -and still wear-.

So after i found the big pile of shoulder padded things in my mom's closet
and find so many articles talk about the comeback..

image by : www.runwaydaily.com



By Zuhair Murad

and These two here are by
Valentino Garavani

Gold is warm.
I believe in that.

Paper Cutout dress

So complicated, so pretty,,
That's what I think about paper-inspired-dresses
These two here mesmerizes me,
and shows huge amount of craftsmanship..

for this one, i dont know whether it is actually wearable on day to day basis, but the art is amazing, at least for me,,, :D

This dress is by: Alithia Spuri-Zampetti a 23 London designer.

While this one here is from Robert Ryan, an artist, singer, and performer.
He puts words and cutouts allover this dress and it makes the dress really stunning in such an elegant way.

And I'm so jealous!
I wanna make paper cutouts dress toooo!!!!

Look,, this paper cutouts can be an inspiration!
But the question is, how to make one from a fabric? :P


The New Brand

Wait up!!!
I've finished some dresses

so, soon you'll see an awefully awesome dresses from me and friends ... :)

can't wait!!! :D

anyways,, this is a girl from lookbook.nu
looooooove her dress badly :D
i normally dont really like over loose outfits,, but this one has individuality!


I'm officially published!

I found myself in an article in the net! yaay!!
It's about the graduation and the best graduates,,
it's written by a journalist from Malang Post,
it's in Indonesian though..

Just click
to see it.
It talks about my design and me :D


The Best Grad of 2009!!!! It's Me! It's Me!

Hi! So I'm Back!! it's been sooooooo exhausting these few months, but this is a quick update,,

So I've graduated from my fashion school, and I was the best graduate! Yaaaay!!

So, this is the pic of the dress that i designed for the exam.
it's colorful. I mean it is COLORFUL.
the theme was tribal,
we were devided into 6 groups,
mine was combining Batik with Geometry,
so here it is...
it is peacocky, and the model wore hijab,
i wore hijab, so i want my design to wear one!
and that's my Kebaya, i designed it myself,
this is a close look of it,,,
actually, the back of it has a huge black bow

haha,,, the chanel bag doesnt quite match
but i thought i need color!

this is my Papa and my lil brother


Yaaaaay! I'm graduated from that confusing fashion design school!!!

i made my title veeeerrrry clear!
yep, i graduated from the fashion design school, finally!
i only need a few more revision on my final task

my graduation will be on March 8th 2009
also my very first fashion show
the pain that i've been through will be paid!!

i'm wearing my kebaya
i designed it :D
so excited
it's black
but the father took the camera
so i couldnt post it here yet

and i promised thousands time
to post my final task dress :D

the black verison shoes that i used for the final tasks
i made a purple satin one!
this is the ugly fugly dress version
trust me it doesnt look like this
it was just me too dumb to make such small patterns
the real dress looks WAAAAY better



maxi dress, cardigan, hijab, and gladiator sandals

I'm in love with these things, you see..
This is the pic from my Bali Holiday few weeks ago
the holiday that made me hibernating from blogging

anyways, I'm planning on making a maxi dress based n my design,
I'll post the sketch soon
in case you guys feel like it


I'm off to BALI this afternoon!


I'm bringing heaps of maxis to the holiday!!!


I'm not a sunny girl so although Bali is full of nice beaches
I can guarantee i wont be sunbathing at all!!

Aw, and i brought this gladiator sandal!
Cant remember the brand thou,,
Was it Manolo? :D

Maxis from Gucci! Oprah wears it too!! Just adorable!!!

Aww dont you love them?

My gladiator sandal, this one!

I kind of doesnt really care if maxis ever become so last year
because i think maxi dresses are sizzling hot
all time

happy holiday y'all!!


Holiday is coming!

Top: Mom's
Bag: Mom's
Pants: I had it made
Belt: The sunday market
Hijab: Mom's
Shoes: Gabino

I do envy those with hi-tech hi-touch digital cameras!
Look at the work that i've done,
It's pretty bad,
thanks to my Nokia 6600 dodgy camera!

I'm in I.T Cafe right now,
sipping a cup of latte
and having a free hot spot internet


Fitting session


My home internet access has reached its limit. Not even reached it, the bytes that i used have exceeded twice the limit.
I shouldve only used 1GB, and I used like 2.3GB. My folks went crazy and i shouldnt use internet at home anymore.
But,,, really, do you think i can live without internet? Neh.

Just a quick update in my sneaky access..

I was finally able to get my fash.design tasks done, and although i have to pay the penalty, i could go for the exams! Yaay!

And today I did the fitting session with the models for my final task dress. It's the peacock dress i told you before.

It went ou terrific, but my dress doesnt seem as ALIVE and OUTSTANDING as the original drawing, that's what I felt and that's what my friends told me.

But I got a quick fix! Add some beads and stones on the dress, and let's see the difference.

I'll post the pic of it when I'm done putting all the beads and stones on it!

Well, this is what I wore on my fitting session !!


Looking Specially Weird today

Okay, so today I look like this:

That's the new bag I told you earlier in older posts
and that's the shoe!
But is it the dress
or is it the photo angle
or is it me?
that makes me look... kind of short.


The Black Harem Pants...

I'm frustrated with my fashion design studies!!
This institution is giving us so many tasks
(like.. 20 tasks, including making 2 sophisticated dresses)
and they expect the students to finish those big tasks in a week??
and even makes these tasks as exam requirements.

they are totally KIDDING me

Oh, I'll stop whining.

Anyways,, I have this obsession toward these pants.
Beside the fact that they are black,
(I've already had more than 5 pairs o black pants but I'm still carving for more)
they just simply awesome.

these Harem pants...

but,, some of them are a little bit too much,,
I won't recommend these... SERIOUSLY
Ha Ha!

Ha Ha Ha!

Ha Ha Ha Ha!


Once Upon A Morning!

There you go,,,
Well, there is nothing too fashiony in this 'short movie'
only a bunch of messed make up tools, clothes, and old posters,
oh, and our high school uniform back then if you consider it as fashion items!

I filmed this with Neila, Adel, Cimplek, and Vivit about 3 years ago when I was in year 12
and done with the editing years after that :D
I'm lazy. I thought you guys know well about it :D

Because this is made when I was younger,,
yea, I mean I was year 12, people
so, i'm showing you how we did it back then,

Please enjoy,,,

Hmmm... I think i should do a story about uniform,,,


A fringe that pokes you in the eye.

Yep. I'm talking about FRINGE!

Actually I'm supposed to be studying for Global Business Exam,
but something more important is bothering me now, and i won't calm down until I release it..

So this afternoon, I met a friend who has a new FRINGE. It is deadly straight and sharp.
Ad it went right up on her eyelids, and it seems like she has some problem opening her eyes normally.
Talking about a constant blinking.
Correct me if this expression is exaggerating.
But seriously, the fringe pokes her eyes!

Then my other friend came and he asked her
"What the hell is happening to your hair??"
Then she said to me,
"I actually want to cut my fringe longer than this."
I asked, "like... covering-your-eyes long?"
She said, "Yea,, it must be cool."
I made weird faces, "Ow-kay.What the hell is wrong with you?"
She said,
"Being in pain is fine, as long as it is trendy."
I rolled my eyes.

"You're sick."

look! these girls have long fringe!

Well then,
Lesson No.1:

No. Really. Fashion is not supposed to slave you. Fashion is supposed to be your best mate.