It was Le Goub boutique's 2nd anniversary.
Siska, my friend - the owner-, asked me to model for her hijab-friendly collection.

Although I've been doing it many times, I am basically not a model. Catwalking in front of ±3000 people who were waiting for their idol -sheila on 7- to perform was..... beyond crazy. If you gimme a microphone and 10000 audience I'll be way more than happy to mc. But this....

Not to mention my recently tummy-conscious syndrome which was caused by the drastic body shape change (nope, I don't get fat, I just change a bit :| ). I blame the boyfriend and the continuous snack supply for this.

Anyway, this photograph shows you how my cheeks look like recently,,


The Rock

Two rocks. Both hard and coarse, and they are totally different in shape. They crash into each other so that both of them will fit perfectly. The crash results wound and debris for each rocks. The crash takes sometimes.

But then, after the painful process of shaping and fitting into each other, they collide. They create a perfect fit, like they are meant for each other. They are like a resolved puzzle.

But we have got to remember, the perfect fit resolved puzzle is not there without crashes, pains, wounds, time, and huge big efforts from the two firstly-completely-different-shape-rocks.

So, it takes two to tango. And it takes times, efforts, understanding, shared happiness and (in most cases) pain, to adapt and to stand tall together as a couple.
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2nd Trip: Kuala Lumpuuur

 One of the shoe competition winner. Too bad it is for Malaysian only :(

My business trip this time was beyond AWESOME!!!!
Dato' Jimmy Choo! 
in International Shoe Fair 2011
And I got to hand on my shoe profile to him! i don't care if then he put it away or forgot, as long as he has seen my designs portfolio! woohoo!!!
I'm so coming back next year!
By the way, I was also visiting one of my blog idol: Jezmine from Old Blossom Box. That is definitely the next post... (have I posted it?)


Under The Perth Sky

Yaaaay I'm back to Perth!

I guess Australia is my 2nd home. Been living there for a year back then. I lived in Malaysia longer than that, but somehow Australia left a big mark on me and affected me a lot in so many ways. I practically lived there on my own, with my lovely hostfamilies whom I already feel like my own family. I was there for AFS student exchange. I spent my half of year 11 and other half of year 12 in Perth. I celebrated my 18th birthday there. I was working as kitchen hand, canteen assistant, you name it. I learned a bit of style lesson, and I learned a lot of life lesson in Perth.

So coming back there after 6 years is such a blast (if only the trip is not that far and expensive, I'd be there now and then). The excitement was beyond words.

This time, I went there for my host sister's wedding: Allyce. She was marrying Brodie, her forever boyfriend. They were going out when I lived there, and they stayed together until now. Such a love story! My host parents got my flight tickets covered, which was really generous of them :)) And there I was, standing under the Perth sky once again.

Trouble is: traveling alone means not many self-pictures. I should really learn a lot from other solo travelers. 
 The Welcoming Party Dinner from the Watts family :)

 I came in time for Australia Day! Fireworks, people!

 Under The Perth Sky :')

 "Hello, I am Nicky" He was 2 y.o when I lived with him, now he is 9 and huge!

 This is my old room! Well, it is technically Tahnee's room :')

 The Williamson! If they were not helping me out back then, I don't know what would happen to me.

 The Bridesmaid!

 Daddy and Allyce walked down the aisle. Sorry for the unrotated picture, i thought it could be done in this post directly, but I couldn't.

 The Watts girls! That is my host-Mum, Lee, standing next to me.

 The Bride and The Groom!

 We rode home in a hummer limo

 A small reunion :) That's Adelle and Mel :)

My lovely high school bestfriends!

The Comeback

Well, helloooo

I'm back!
Been a while (err..... months). Things have changed a lot, and the only thing stays the same is that I'm still female.

It is the 9th month of 2011 now. And during these 9 months I've been doing a lot. I traveled to several countries, going for some competitions, meeting new people, losing and getting business ventures, gaining a lot of weight, being on and off in relationships, and being busy.

So I guess what I'll do is I'll post the traveling part in one post each country first, then I'll post other things afterward.

Well, the biggest lesson I learned this year is being a completely independent woman. I found it both easy and difficult at the same time. I mean, not relying on anyone else but yourself, can result a big leap and can be quite a handful. But then, it comes back to us, who else will we rely on?

Aaaand, the biggest thing is I need to re-learn writing :)) This post is definitely a blah xD
Anyways, enjoy :)