the cafeteria and me

That's how the cafeteria looks like, early in the morning.

No one is around yet -i haven't even put the money in the cash register-
only my beloved cooks and staffs, preparing for the big day :)

I guess choosing to run a cafeteria might not be the most glamorous job.
As I can't just wear any cutie outfits I actually want to wear, especially in busy days when my help is greatly needed, and I will smell like spices, and run around taking the dirty plates and cleaning the tables, or behind the cash register.

Like today, I had to attend a meeting in brawijaya university. I dressed up preppy, and wore my new Kozzy Shoes
Love it!
I was wearing them today and ran around checking bottles, tissues, and wiping the tables.
And someone chuckled, said things like "Hahahaha,, mbak itu saltum", "Gaya bener yang jaga kantin gaul pake high heel!!"


BUT,, although it is might not the most glamorous choice for me,
I put a really big grin on my face today,,
This business is going well so far (7daysoldonly),
and we were offered to open another one in UM, state university of malang.
much smaller than this one and we have to share the whole big room with 5 other tenants,
and there will be one other cash register machine! Yaaay! I love that thing.


gray gorgeous things called kozzy shoes XD

Just arrived yesterday!!!!!
A refreshing change from the kitchen :)
All these gorgeous gray things have to be shipped to Bengkulu tomorrow,, 
actually there are 7 shoes. one I'm going to post soon, one I shipped to Surabaya, stupidly without taking a picture of it beforehand.
Three I still have to glue the labels on, so they are not going to be up so soon :)
But next week there will be other 6 coming,, excited!!!!



What else can I say??? Her work is superb!!

At first, I knew her works from my cousin, Maya, who wore her amazing kebaya (it was green-purple, and I'm still drooling for it :D ) for her graduation 
-emh.. or probably it was a medical oath or something like that,, she is a doctor-
and then she wore it again on her bridal shower.
She showed me her pictures wearing Nova Viola's kebaya (not only the green-purple one)
and from that moment on... I fell in love with her kebaya
They have such a color combination! 

She did an exhibition along with many other wedding suppliers in Mall Olympic Garden Malang quite sometimes ago,
My friend, Cindy, was modeling her kebaya, and among those exquisite group of wedding suppliers, and all the white gowns, her kebaya stood out in the crowd :)

Can't wait to be in one of those kebayas one day :)

First day

It may not the fanciest job or business in the world,
But I can tell you that it's not as easy as it may seems, or at least as i thought.
It was crazy, I ran out of rice at 10.00 am. And ran out of it again at 1.00 pm.
No time to sit down, no time to pee, exhaustion it was!
and it might not be one of my dream businesses (....everything related to dresses, shoes, bags,...)
but it was awesome.
still, no time to take any pictures whatsoever.

Hopefully, tomorrow will get better, and i can leave it to the staffs.


Tomorrow is the initial opening....

Okay,,, so tomorrow will be the first day. Nervous.

Very cheap, indeed, it's designed especially for students, since the location is in the middle of Merdeka University, Malang.

Ummm,,, please visit us,
Jl. Terusan Raya Dieng, belakang bni universitas merdeka, depan balai merdeka universitas merdeka,
Malang - East Java - Indonesia

I have to wake up very early tomorrow to prepare.
Better get some sleep now. :o


I used to question and raise my eyebrows on those who buys these glossy mags regularly.
(Price issue :D . I didn't understand why people spend so much money on full-ad-glossy-pages)
And if you believe in KARMA, now I'm trapped in my own questionings and eyebrow-raisings.
Okay, I do understand now, and I'm not gonna raise my eyebrows anymore to anything. 
Or, at least I'll do it secretly. :D


long day...?

This dress is by Me. Wore once when I was MC-ing for a pop singer audition, covered by a local TV in Malang. Too bad, I had no chance to promote my works :D
I was wearing this with a black spandex turtle neck, skinny black pants, black heels, black scarf, and gray bandanna. See, I'm bad at documenting. I had no photos of it whatsoever.
I'm planning on wardrobe shopping this month.

Anyways. Monday is the opening for Cafe Merdeka (FATHER named it. Based on the location, Merdeka University,Malang) which means I won't be able to do anything at all besides sitting behind the cash register machine and teach the staffs how to use that magical thing. Even I only remember vaguely how to operate it. Today we were getting ready, washed all the dishes, cleaned the whole room, printed the menus, bought mirrors, bottle openers, curtains which match the wall color -tosca!- , put the signs up, and we still have few things to do tomorrow. And since the place will be opened at 7.30am, I have to be there at 7am. And due to my insomnia, I'm not a morning person at all. So let's see what's gonna happen.

Hey, I'm watching America's Got Talents at the moment, and the triplet girls are wearing awesome zebra print  hats!!!!!

Sorry for the randomness :D


Kozzy Shoes

Shoes from my label, Kozzy shoes. Along with the grey boot, pink, purple, and brown heels, posted in previous threads.

And I'm still expecting 7 more shoes for next week. 3 of them are the same style in 2 different colors :)



I'm online mostly every day, but i didn't find a good grip to blog lately :D

Anyways,, I was complaining about the translation job, right.. It was the whole first week of March and it was truly exhausting. But I cant complain for my salary, it's beyond words :D although I had to translate one whole folder of case study for the whole 2nd week of March, and slept at 2am everyday of that week,, naaaah,, I was not complaining whatsoever!

Lesson of the month: Step out of my comfort zone, huge step.

Too bad, no photos whatsoever at the moment. I havent gotten any copies if them till now.

And yesterday I was MC-ing in Mall Olympic Garden, malang, for Gab's Model Agent 3rd anniversary. I did the first half of the show, and the other half was done by Mas Oneng, the more experienced and awesome MC :D . I was wearing stripy shirt, studded cardigan, skinny pants, and studded ankle boots. All black and off white.  Too bad, still,, no photos. Gatya, whom I was gonna ask to take pictures while I was busy with the microphone, went off for some meeting.

I'm too bad at documenting. I have to start changing, sigh....