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Pheww... Waking up in the morning feeling like a gypsian, i suppose!! MYE (an upcoming designer and street stylist) does it best,, we are looking forward for the next outfits!! look how she does the hijab! Looks like she is inspired by a Dubai designer, Rubia Z. Anyway, no other words than LOVE IT! And one important thing to add,, the whole look won't make you broke :> chic and cheap, have always been my fave!!!

the gig

She's ready for her gigs tonight!! Her band was performing that night! I dont understand music that well,, but i guess her band was kinda emo,, and i glad she still looks very girl-like sweet on the night!
i like the way RED lives up the whole look. And the short,, yea.. it was fresh ripped from a knee-length into a short-short. The red car is a great accessory by the way :D Too bad she wouldnt show us her pretty face.