New shoes! by Kozzy shoes custom made for me. My foot size is 41, so looking for shoes is a pain for me. This experience inspires me to actually make my own shoes,, then sell it :D



I don't want to be picked as the translator. please dont. but please do email me and tell me the result :((((


English ears

i just got a call from Germany from a trainer who will do a workshop in Malang. He needed a translator and my lecturer recommended me. But when he called i only caught a very few line from the conversation. He had this thick accent and my lazy ear refused to cooperate with my brain. The rest, i said ow-kay, or being speechless. He said something about me having to prepare and me having to be to the venue at 10 am. I have no idea. But he did tell me he is going to email me. Good. Then i'll understand what is actually going on. I dont even know if he actually picked me or not. God. I'd rather be an mc. God. My ear doesn't speak english. 

Anyways.. These cuties are kids models, they were modelling for Kakang Mbakyu Cilik Malang 2009. A kid pageant. Yes, there is pageant for kids in my city. And the awesome thing is these little models walk like a pro supermodels on the catwalk. They even wore high heels and make up!



Trying to sketch with my brother's tablet. god, that's bad :D



So last night i was supposed to accompany Mita to her friend's wedding. She said she was going to pick me up on 18.30. I got ready at 18.00, getting my make up done, and making a big mess in my closet. I couldn't decide what to to wear. So I went for black-black-black combo, and dress it down to the minimum. I usually went ga-ga on weddings. I wore zebra striped neck scarf, along with silver headed black belt, black bangle, and black head scarf.

It was 18.15. My mobile phone beeped and the message said that Mita is still out of town, she couldn't make it on time, so she decided to cancel the whole plan. Bugger.

Then I stripped the neck scarf, bangle, head scarf, and change it with pashmina, and played around with the camera.

Oh, and i.m considering dying my hair brown, with blonde strike. Will it look cheesy on me?



my host mommy and daddy just got home from their around the world tour.. Looove this pic!

But anyways, I was being a speaker for entrepreneurship seminar by AIESEC local committee UB today. As soon as i started speaking, I choked. I think it was because i havent drunk anything since the morning. I ended up looking like just finishing 10 laps of marathon running. And it was bad :D So,, lesson of the day: DRINK.

I didn't get any picture from it today,, but i guess soon enough they'll tag me in facebook :))


16.30 lunch

Another Colonel Yakiniku from kfc at 4.30 pm. It was actually a lunch. My Papa was being a total pain he makes us having lunch so late.
I have them twice in two days. I know it's not going to be good on my scale. But o well. I'll live with it.

Oh, and i had waffle with ice cream for dessert. This is deliciously horrifying.