The Best Grad of 2009!!!! It's Me! It's Me!

Hi! So I'm Back!! it's been sooooooo exhausting these few months, but this is a quick update,,

So I've graduated from my fashion school, and I was the best graduate! Yaaaay!!

So, this is the pic of the dress that i designed for the exam.
it's colorful. I mean it is COLORFUL.
the theme was tribal,
we were devided into 6 groups,
mine was combining Batik with Geometry,
so here it is...
it is peacocky, and the model wore hijab,
i wore hijab, so i want my design to wear one!
and that's my Kebaya, i designed it myself,
this is a close look of it,,,
actually, the back of it has a huge black bow

haha,,, the chanel bag doesnt quite match
but i thought i need color!

this is my Papa and my lil brother