it was supposed to be more unordinary than this,,
but the lady who sewn it for me made it look like this,


Leather jacket

Suddenly I want a cute nice leather jacket....


Athya's Corner

that's my friend up there, she is Nadia,,

I've told you that I worked with my friend Athya,
and we made some cute clothes for you,,
the one up there is my design,, thre is one more, though,,
but it's not uploadable yet

these are more from Athya's Corner

There are two more that is waiting in my upload tab,,,
so, see you next time :)


The sketches!

I've been thinking of uploading my sketches
it's not outstandingly drawn
but usually i like it (cos i draw it :P)

If i compare myself right now and me in the past,
it's like a metamorphosing process,
some people usually metamorphosing in the inside
and not much changing on the surface.
But I metamorphosed in such a huge way,
I metamorphosed in and out,

so, i think this sketch represents it the best..

aaaand.... i put this design to a fashion design contest :D
challenging my confidence and broken soul to show my work to the world,
the finalists get to present the actual dress in the grand final,
I hope i'll be one of them,,

finger crossed..
HOPE doesnt hurt
so hoping is perfectly fine :D

and forgive me for the misspell... should be cocoon instead of coccoon..
i know iknow~! Sorry!


The Hi-shoulder....

I went closet cleaning today. I did my mom's old closet. It is called old closet because she put all her old and unused clothes there. I call it treasure box though. Sometimes.
The reason I did this cleaning was mainly because I want new wardrobes. New old wardrobes.
And I wished i could get an old new something in there.

And all the sudden
I found a big pile of shoulder padded jackets and blazers.
And I was like... "O My God.. Look at these high shoulders!!"
I remember how it made many women look like they just came out of Star Trek.
And because of that, I never liked them.

But then,,
I came across these outfits in the net..
I know, it's been around in the runway quite a lot,
in the magz too,
and I thought I was going to talk about it weeks ago.
It didnt happen until this finding stroke me like a lightning.

Some of the newest doesn't use pads anymore, they raised the shoulder somehow
and call it structured shoulder
but some still uses pads but not as sharp and high as what our moms used to wear -and still wear-.

So after i found the big pile of shoulder padded things in my mom's closet
and find so many articles talk about the comeback..

image by : www.runwaydaily.com



By Zuhair Murad

and These two here are by
Valentino Garavani

Gold is warm.
I believe in that.

Paper Cutout dress

So complicated, so pretty,,
That's what I think about paper-inspired-dresses
These two here mesmerizes me,
and shows huge amount of craftsmanship..

for this one, i dont know whether it is actually wearable on day to day basis, but the art is amazing, at least for me,,, :D

This dress is by: Alithia Spuri-Zampetti a 23 London designer.

While this one here is from Robert Ryan, an artist, singer, and performer.
He puts words and cutouts allover this dress and it makes the dress really stunning in such an elegant way.

And I'm so jealous!
I wanna make paper cutouts dress toooo!!!!

Look,, this paper cutouts can be an inspiration!
But the question is, how to make one from a fabric? :P


The New Brand

Wait up!!!
I've finished some dresses

so, soon you'll see an awefully awesome dresses from me and friends ... :)

can't wait!!! :D

anyways,, this is a girl from lookbook.nu
looooooove her dress badly :D
i normally dont really like over loose outfits,, but this one has individuality!


I'm officially published!

I found myself in an article in the net! yaay!!
It's about the graduation and the best graduates,,
it's written by a journalist from Malang Post,
it's in Indonesian though..

Just click
to see it.
It talks about my design and me :D