Yaaaaay! I'm graduated from that confusing fashion design school!!!

i made my title veeeerrrry clear!
yep, i graduated from the fashion design school, finally!
i only need a few more revision on my final task

my graduation will be on March 8th 2009
also my very first fashion show
the pain that i've been through will be paid!!

i'm wearing my kebaya
i designed it :D
so excited
it's black
but the father took the camera
so i couldnt post it here yet

and i promised thousands time
to post my final task dress :D

the black verison shoes that i used for the final tasks
i made a purple satin one!
this is the ugly fugly dress version
trust me it doesnt look like this
it was just me too dumb to make such small patterns
the real dress looks WAAAAY better



maxi dress, cardigan, hijab, and gladiator sandals

I'm in love with these things, you see..
This is the pic from my Bali Holiday few weeks ago
the holiday that made me hibernating from blogging

anyways, I'm planning on making a maxi dress based n my design,
I'll post the sketch soon
in case you guys feel like it