Been sketching

I was once good at sketching. I was sketching throughout junior high school, first years of senior
high, and on 2009 during my fashion design course. Since I was juggling between my bachelor degree, MC-ing, organizations, and the design course, I didn't get much in my head, honestly. And I feel sorry for myself I wanted to take as many opportunities but the I got no focus and tadaaa not much happening -,-

So today my friend made me back to sketching for my Kozzy Closet shoe line but somehow my hand was kind of stiff :( 

I didn't result a good sketch as I used to. The image in my mind wouldn't portrayed rightly on the paper. So I sketched up real shoes photos, and there you go...

Still crappy and messy, but I'm practising. I promise to myself, started off today, I'll sketch at least 3 shoes per day. Wish me luck.


The brunch

This morning started with my sulking car. She decided to stop in the middle of the road and she didn't want to move forward even an inch.

Then after a run around the clock, and managed not to get panic (yaay!) I went to JavaDancer coffee shop to meet up with old friends from high school. I came a bit too early, and finally I could catch a little breath, and having an amazing brunch :) Hot Chocolate and maple pancake ;)

Primi P Ramadhania,

Kozzy Closet
"In shoes we trust"

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The independence day

Red-white is Indonesian flag.
Yesterday is Indonesian 65th indepence day.

May my country be safe and prosper :)

Kozzy Closet




Good Morning!!!

Yes that's the same outfit I wore with my model photo session. This pic is taken in the same day :)

Anyways, I launched my http://www.kozzycloset.com and Kozzy Closet fan page in facebook. The result of those web and page is still progressing but they showed their fang already :)

I supposed this working way is the most suitable way for me. I am surrounded by gorgeous shoes all day! And I can arrange my own time and I am doing all this work for myself. What a bliss :)
Kozzy Closet


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So it apparently lousy

My Mom said that I look ugly wearing formal outfit. I guess I have to agree.

And, these 2 days I had to join orientation classes for my master degree program. -yes I finally decided to enroll-

For the classes,, we had to wear black and white formal outfit. I think I need a formal attire class.
Kozzy Closet


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Kozzy Closet 1st photo session

There you go, my very very 1st official photo session.

My model, Roza, is a super girl. She is a singer, presenter, model, high school student, former brand ambassador for a communication company, and a devoting daughter. She is an inspiration. She works it all from zero.

And,, these are some of Kozzy Closet collections! So proud!
I even did her make-up myself. This pic was taken by Renny Annisa, also an aspiring woman. A multitalented business woman who helps me reach this point ;)
You can also see a collection of Kebaya and accessories by her boutique in the upcoming photos. Together, we did an amazing collaboration, or am I just exaggerating :p

Kozzy Closet


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This is the look-at-us pack xD what a shame we didn't have a full-length pic,, since we actually kind of forced the security guy of the new mall in Malang to take gorgeous shots of us.

And I assume he was actually not fine and afraid that he was gonna be fired for agreeing our request but he was too intimidated by us (in a bad way) xD

Then if we did have the long shots, you'll see my flowy maxi, and the girls' killer heels and shoes. One of them had to hold us when she walked in pavements/grasses. But, however, she looked stahhn-niing. And I was wearing Kozzy Shoes like I always do ;)


I miss my blog

Supposed to be able to blog more *cry out loud*

These are my 'personal buyer' moments for today. They wanted me to find a black cropped blazer and a dark long coat. Thank you dear clients, now I can buy the lipstick I always wanted ;)

Annnddd coming up: I'm importing a huge bunch of dresses and shoes from china,, -thanks to Putri Athya the fab fashionlover for the fab lessons, go home quick, let's get back to business-

Sooo,, I just can't wait putting all the pics in here!!

*my bf is in a great state of health right now, and he is already back behind the wheel driving me from one place to another ;p*




Malang, my city!

These pictures!

That's me doing my job as Tourism Ambassador of Malang, Kakang dan Mbakyu Kota Malang.

I was the 2nd runner up in 2008.

And those blue-ish pics are the convoy after Arema, football club originated in Malang, won the Indonesia Super League. The convoy went on for 1 whole week and yes, I was part of it, I even wore Arema polo shirt 2 days in a row, and my dad made a special long-sleeved Arema shirt for me. Exciting!

By the way, I'm accepting orders for satin kebaya that looks like these colorful ones we were wearing, feel free to ask *wink*




Me myself & primi

The scarf is from Lamara Rumah Kerudung. I want to wear it more XD which one do you like best?





And I'd give up forever to touch you

Cause I know that you feel me somehow

You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be

And I don't want to go home right now

And all I can taste is this moment

And all I can breathe is your life

Cause sooner or later it's over

I just don't want to miss you tonight

And I don't want the world to see me

Cause I don't think that they'd understand

When everything's made to be broken

I just want you to know who I am

And you can't fight the tears that ain't coming

Or the moment of truth in your lies

When everything seems like the movies

Yeah you bleed just to know your alive

And I don't want the world to see me

Cause I don't think that they'd understand

When everything's made to be broken

I just want you to know who I am

I don't want the world to see me

Cause I don't think that they'd understand

When everything's made to be broken

I just want you to know who I am

I just want you to know who I am

Goo goo dolls. Iris. This post is copied from http://widydinarti.blogspot.com



In shoes we trust

So proud of Kozzy Shoes works lately, I'm sort of amazed by my own shoes XD sorry,,

Kozzy Shoes is overcapacity at the moment, and I AM currently looking for solutions and alternatives, please do comment or email me for suggestions, thank God I have you ;)

Anyways, these shots are from Vian and Vina Mahardika, my awesome twin friends, who love 12cm and bright colors more than anything, and the orange shoes are theirs, and those are their foot in the pics.

And thanks to Inge cyber dreamer and d.s.y from http://livingdaisy.blogspot.com for the online support when I was sick-blogging, you two are amazing! But this gadget refuses to let me leave comments on any blog, so I'm sorry for not being able to write back, I will as soon as I find a decent laptop and internet connection. Fyi, my home-net-connection was suddenly down these few days X( nope, I have paid the bill.

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Horrible migrain hit me this morning therefore I'm still not moving from my bed until this very moment. Yes I've taken pill, doesn't work. Sucks. And my car was sold, so I practically can't go anywhere right now, I'm too afraid to ride my motorbike in this migrain. Sigh.
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Saturday I'll do a photoshoot with a leopard print hijab. And I have no idea whatsoever what outfit I'll wear with it. And I only worry, not even bother trying to sort things out. This must be the doctor's prescriptions taking over my little brain, asking her only to sleep the whole day. Sigh.
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I've been on the t-shirt mood these days, and along with that, I caught a horrible cold from my mom. I am currently coughing and trying hard to hold my sneeze.

Anyways, it's been a busy week for Kozzy Shoes and Cafeteria Merdeka. Kozzy shoes is overcapacity right now and we can't make our orders on time :( I'm still trying to figure out solutions. Cafeteria had some human resources issues, we fired one person due to her I'mthebigboss attitude and her messing up with me. And a big consequence because of that decision is I had to close down the UM branch, at least temporarily. You know I had no more people to fill her in because 4 people already left because they couldn't stand working with her.

A big lesson comes in big packages plus big slap in the face XD

I'm in love with my own shoes by the way.

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The apple of their eyes

Yea, so this tshirt I'm wearing today has caused a turbulence. My mama went omigodwhatareyouthinking
My papa went Astaghfirullah
My canteen staffs thought their boss is kinda insane
And soooo many eyes stared at me.

Nope I wasn't wearing Bjork's goose dress. Or a Gaga look. No no no. I only wore a d.i.y shredded shirt.

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Yay!! Downsized me!!

Yaaaaaay!! I'm 7 kilos lighter than I was 3 months ago XD

So I did this super exciting recipes, I mixed green tea and lemon and had the horribly sour drink right after meals. Apparently they washed our fats off. Isn't that amazing??

And of course running two chaotic canteens and hectic shoe production timeline helped a lot. Not to mention the troubled staffs, the quit ones, the fussy customers, and my 'canteen regulars' XD ehem. There will be another post about that, not in sometimes soon XD.

Last week, Malang, my city, had a big event. Known as Malang Tempo Doeloe or The Old Time of Malang. I got to do jobs for Kakang Mbakyu Malang in the middle of a big order in the canteen, and the horrible make up. That'll be another post too XD

Here, I'm wearing a 2nd blazer bought from online shop. I was very sure it would fit, but guess what its kinda one size too small :p so I'd better stay in shape!

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listening to Save Ferris -Come on Eileen- superb song, superb make up, superb color!!

Wow,, I'm bad again,,, So Lazy!!
That will be because I hate blogging from my phone. It sucks it results an extremely small pic. But the reason behind the purchase of the gadget was because I needed to reduce the online time I spend in front of my laptop every single night -then I slept really late then I woke up superlate or woke up feeling sick and tired every single morning. Never been a morning person as long as I remember.-
okay, enough bitching the poor gadget. It helped me, however. And I decide that I should name it. Any ideas?
So last Tuesday was my 23rd birthday. It didn't feel like a birthday :D
Damn, I'm old.
And I haven't figured out what I actually want in life.
Emmmmh,,, nah,, I want too many things, that should be the problem.

and tomorrow there will be a presenter-newscaster audition by Trans7.
should I go for it
should I stick on my just-started-businesses and stay focus on them
at least for these moments.
but then again, I'm 23.
chances won't come twice I know
but neither will trust

i'm proud to call myself an entrepreneur
but I don't mind to be on TV again.
I missed the make up, wardrobes, and most importantly, the spotlights.

  shoes: Kozzy Shoes


This is still a test

Hmmm... My SE g900 is definetely better in photo quality, compared to this one. And posting comments to your blogs, girls, is a pain using this gadget.

This pic is taken in Dieng Plaza basement. Gatya and I were having one unpleasant weekend this time :D

The batwing top was Mama's back in 1989 and now it's mine. Clutch is the bonus from Elle Indonesia April. Loooove bonuses!
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Today's lunch

There you go.. I'm actually testing the blog-by-email since blackberry doesn't have a blogger app. Or does it now?

Let's see how it appears...
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beautiful blogger award!!!!!

Got an award from the lovely Tirah at D'Station
She is a very stylish kindhearted girl :) 
Thank you dear,, you are awesome :)
So happy right now!
I hope I can be in blogging-mind just like you!!
You are super awesome!

Then I'm going to post my Award For Beautiful Blogger verrrry soooooon
I'll make Tirah get this award twice :)


yesterday was the first time I was able to leave the cafeteria in a week,
it was such a chaotic day because someone ordered a TUMPENG (towered rice with all sort of side dishes, will post the pics tomorrow) and 85 rice boxes for today 9 AM. Today was supposed to be a holiday, but because of the orders and the graduation ceremony in UNMER, we opened for half day.
Bu Takim and Mbak Nas (the cooks -I'll post their pics next time- ) even came to the cafeteria at 3 AM to finish everything up. Thank God I didn't use hour base salary system :D Still, all the works today were counted as overtime.
Anyways, this blue hi-waist skirt reminds me instantly to one of my friends who claimed herself as 'fashion people'. One time, quite a while ago when legging, skinny pants, and only hipster pants or skirts available at stores, we had a conversation. and I said something like "Just wait and see, not gonna be long until hi-waist kick back in..." and she said something like, "No way, there's no chance for hi-waist to come back to trend. Hideous. And even if it comes back, there is nooo way for me to wear it. Never."
And, two months ago, I saw her wearing one.
Laughed my head off.
Eat your tongue, woman.

These are the new Kozzy Shoes, they were ordered by Adek and Ovy :)
Sorry for the dodgy pics, my Mom went to Bali and took my digital camera with her, left me only with my 
SE G900.



I just remembered I had this knee-dress,, I bought it in Sukowati Market, Bali, 1.5 years ago,
just because I felt like my friends had done all the frantic shopping and I hadn't bought anything yet,
i decided to get this dress for myself.
Such a reactive impulsive buying :D
This dress is fully smocked from the breast part down to my mid-abdomen part,
the tightness of the smocks suffocate me every time I wear this.  Ouch.
no shoes,, because I'm in the tv room, on a mattress,, no shoes allowed!
no make up, because it was taken in the end of the day,
when my make up all wore off and my face turned red and oily :D

Today was the pay day for my cafeteria staffs.
Yaaay for them!
and naaaay for me :D
two of my cafeteria branch staffs resigned on Sunday morning. A very short notice indeed.
I was upset but I would not stop them.
The reasons were odd, but let's pray for the best, Amin.
This condition makes me stay and help in Cafeteria Merdeka full time. I had no time to order, pick-up, and send over shoes today, and no time whatsoever to pay the car tax yet, hope I'm not gonna be late on that, and hopefully no penalty for the late this time, no, not again :D