More and more baTiK is on the way!

Still from the International Gathering, I found an interesting combination of BaTik! Yea, I'll never stop publishing BaTik, because i think this traditional Indonesian fabric pattern is very rich, and very nice!

I've been always someone who doesn't wear stuff that is becoming a 'super trend' and everyone else is wearing it. But it's different with Batik. Although it's been a big 'super trend' in Indonesia, I dont care. I'm proud wearing them.

I'm telling you what,, the guys als love Batik!

GyPsY giRL..

It was at the International Gathering Party where we all dressed as gypsy girls. And I think she got something in her whole look,,

She got the look!! All the headscarf and everything, it's so ethnic!

A little more colour will lighten up the day, I reckon! And I'm sure you want to see these details: