The tribal thingy?

Yep. That's the grand theme for my final assignment. This final assignment determines my GPA. And probably my future career as a fashion designer :D

It was very exciting for an upcoming-beginner-fashion-designer to know that her piece of work will be modeled in a catwalk!

A fashion show!

But yes, it WAS exciting.

Well it is still very exciting, but not as much as it was. The amount of work is excruciating!!!

I'm taking two majors -fashion design and business management- at the same time, so there is me to be blamed.

But it's not the only problem, i suggest to everyone out there --people, just dont try to study fashion design in such a short time period.Seriously.--

Anyways, let's talk about the exciting part. I went to the market for material hunting a few days ago. It's not only fun to be surrounded by colourful fabrics, but it's also confusing!The spirit of making my design happens is so overwhelming! One colour differ slightly from the others, the qualities too. It's hard to choose. Everything was so pretty!

I'm going to share how it will look. In the meantime, that is the only thing I can do, and I'll publish the design after the dress is done!

So, it will be two pieces. A long sleeve blouse with a big skirt. Big, you know like the old Western dresses worn by Cinderella? Yea, the skirt looks like that.With a few layering here and there, and a headscarf with peacock feathers on top.

And the general theme of this outfit is peacock.

My friend, Widy, recommended 'Les Damme Paonnes' for the title. She said it means Lady Peacock or something sounds like that.

Gosh, I dont even remember how to spell it.

Is my spelling right?

I think it sounds exotic. I want this outfit get the exotic feeling, so i decided to use the title!

Once upon a kebaya!!

I've always been in love with this traditional dress of Indonesia.Somehow it makes any kind of figure looks good. It accentuates every curve in woman body.

If I have to say my opinion about Kebaya in one word, i would simply say it's AMAZINGLYBEAUTIFUL.
What? It's one word!

But sometimes I hate the dressmakers who made Kebaya for me for such a big price and resulted such a not figure friendly Kebaya.They drive me nuts all the time.

You see, there is this one big rule in making or choosing a Kebaya. It has to be perfectly fitted to your body.I said FIT doesnt mean it has to be TIGHT, but FIT means it has to suit your figure perfectly.

Yes, it needs an advance craftmanship to make miracle happens!

That's why it is said Kebaya is supposed to be specially made for one.


Shopping Spree

Anyways, my mom is in the shopping mood these days. In a week she has already bought lots. I mean it, lots.

Well, she has good excuses though.. She is going to Australia in the end of January, for 3 months, so she thinks she needs lots of stuff.And i kind of happy with this phenomenon because i know that i'll be able to use sme of the things she bought (definetely the bags!yaaaay!)

But still, this is not a normal behaviour in our family.

The good thing was, when she shopped for another pair of shoe (she has already bought a pair before, which looks almost the same with the one she bought this time, but it's brown and the other one is black,those shoes look like sisters!), i got one too! she bought me this very cute flat! It still hurts my feet though, because the leather is a bit too stiff, i think.

But, o well, I'm in love with this flat. Surely it'll be comfy sometimes soon! :)

it even has cute stud on the back!

And the other good thing was she bought a black oversized bag!!
It is H.U.G.E!!!!
I'll probably be able to smuggle a baby in it

There's no label in it, so i have no idea what brand the bag is. But my mom bought it from famous bag maker in my province, so I assume that the bag i handmade.And I will be able wearing it in 3 months! Ha Ha!

I'll post a pic of me in these things on next posts, because i am not wearing decent-clothes-to-be-displayed-on-the-blog right now!

New Year, New Life, 'new' blog

welcome to the 'new' blog

From now on, this blog will change. It's not about random photos of random people who wear random fashion on random streets anymore.

It's going to be about whatever!!

I just keep on writing in this blog after a long hibernation instead of making a new blog, is because merely i'm just way too lazy to start everything all over again.

No other reason.

So i just changed the colour, layout, and added bits and pieces from the old blog to make it different. I would say it's environmental friendly, I just recycling and reusing a blog :D

Nah, just kidding.

Well, that's it. Hope this will work just fine.
Merry xmas everyone.



click the image to enlarge. Sorry, i've tried my best, but this size is max, so you just HAVE TO CLICK IT!!!

Pheww... Waking up in the morning feeling like a gypsian, i suppose!! MYE (an upcoming designer and street stylist) does it best,, we are looking forward for the next outfits!! look how she does the hijab! Looks like she is inspired by a Dubai designer, Rubia Z. Anyway, no other words than LOVE IT! And one important thing to add,, the whole look won't make you broke :> chic and cheap, have always been my fave!!!

the gig

She's ready for her gigs tonight!! Her band was performing that night! I dont understand music that well,, but i guess her band was kinda emo,, and i glad she still looks very girl-like sweet on the night!
i like the way RED lives up the whole look. And the short,, yea.. it was fresh ripped from a knee-length into a short-short. The red car is a great accessory by the way :D Too bad she wouldnt show us her pretty face.


More and more baTiK is on the way!

Still from the International Gathering, I found an interesting combination of BaTik! Yea, I'll never stop publishing BaTik, because i think this traditional Indonesian fabric pattern is very rich, and very nice!

I've been always someone who doesn't wear stuff that is becoming a 'super trend' and everyone else is wearing it. But it's different with Batik. Although it's been a big 'super trend' in Indonesia, I dont care. I'm proud wearing them.

I'm telling you what,, the guys als love Batik!

GyPsY giRL..

It was at the International Gathering Party where we all dressed as gypsy girls. And I think she got something in her whole look,,

She got the look!! All the headscarf and everything, it's so ethnic!

A little more colour will lighten up the day, I reckon! And I'm sure you want to see these details:



SEARCH: Best Dress of Malang Tempo Doeloe

Yep,, You all who have visited Malang Tempo Doeloe, and you think you were the best dress of the day?? Or you think you've found people with awesome style ??


We'll do best dress polling, and the winner will get an interview session with Fashion On Your Street!!

Quick!! Send the pics and data to fashiononourstreet@gmail.com


rock the office!

Office would never be boring any longer! Bring the cute high-waisted skirt and bow the silk scarf, you'll just rock the office! Well, you only need a nice flat abs for this!

nice hat!

Alright,, so it seems that green does go with purple,, and the hat does go with Batik!
I love the latest trend in Indonesia, all about the exotism of Batik! Just mix it with everything you've already had and you'll get a brand new exotic look! Awww,, dont you love being Indonesian? I do!

pic: Muren, 19, Malang


Mama, i love your CLOTHES!

Gosh, she's so sexy wearing dress and long knit. .
Pic: aGirlCalledRi


Black and Red ShoeS

Pic By : aGirlCalledRi

Daddy's Shirt in Act

And Daddy, ,
will not angry when he know that we're using his shirt for fashion!

he he he . . .

Pic : aGirlCalledRi


keffiyeh versus shawl

just dressed well in everysingle time, although you just went out to find some meals. because the camera is everywhere.!! x)


laDy roCKer, hey?

she was late to the class this morning, and successfully turn everyone's head to her,,
love the leather jacket! love the shoes! love it!
pic: Pedhe, Unibraw, Malang

nice ShoeS Bro!

pic: OkkyWir, Unibraw, Malang


Red RIBBON PaRRRty! Dieng Plaza, Malang. March 24th 08!

pic: Deasy, Rina, Tika, Melvi. SMAN 10, Malang.
pic: Maya, MaChung University, Malang

pic: Melisa, MaChung University, Malang

pic: Dina and Novi, MaChung University, Malang


CoLoR DOES matter!

don't you looove the colors?

pic: pung friends, jakarta

Bring BATIK forward?

Bring BATIK to a new stage....

pic: apang, Malang


The Bag tells everything...

pic: Gyanda, Jakarta


on the street of Jakarta

pic: Nda n sister