Today's lunch

There you go.. I'm actually testing the blog-by-email since blackberry doesn't have a blogger app. Or does it now?

Let's see how it appears...
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beautiful blogger award!!!!!

Got an award from the lovely Tirah at D'Station
She is a very stylish kindhearted girl :) 
Thank you dear,, you are awesome :)
So happy right now!
I hope I can be in blogging-mind just like you!!
You are super awesome!

Then I'm going to post my Award For Beautiful Blogger verrrry soooooon
I'll make Tirah get this award twice :)


yesterday was the first time I was able to leave the cafeteria in a week,
it was such a chaotic day because someone ordered a TUMPENG (towered rice with all sort of side dishes, will post the pics tomorrow) and 85 rice boxes for today 9 AM. Today was supposed to be a holiday, but because of the orders and the graduation ceremony in UNMER, we opened for half day.
Bu Takim and Mbak Nas (the cooks -I'll post their pics next time- ) even came to the cafeteria at 3 AM to finish everything up. Thank God I didn't use hour base salary system :D Still, all the works today were counted as overtime.
Anyways, this blue hi-waist skirt reminds me instantly to one of my friends who claimed herself as 'fashion people'. One time, quite a while ago when legging, skinny pants, and only hipster pants or skirts available at stores, we had a conversation. and I said something like "Just wait and see, not gonna be long until hi-waist kick back in..." and she said something like, "No way, there's no chance for hi-waist to come back to trend. Hideous. And even if it comes back, there is nooo way for me to wear it. Never."
And, two months ago, I saw her wearing one.
Laughed my head off.
Eat your tongue, woman.

These are the new Kozzy Shoes, they were ordered by Adek and Ovy :)
Sorry for the dodgy pics, my Mom went to Bali and took my digital camera with her, left me only with my 
SE G900.



I just remembered I had this knee-dress,, I bought it in Sukowati Market, Bali, 1.5 years ago,
just because I felt like my friends had done all the frantic shopping and I hadn't bought anything yet,
i decided to get this dress for myself.
Such a reactive impulsive buying :D
This dress is fully smocked from the breast part down to my mid-abdomen part,
the tightness of the smocks suffocate me every time I wear this.  Ouch.
no shoes,, because I'm in the tv room, on a mattress,, no shoes allowed!
no make up, because it was taken in the end of the day,
when my make up all wore off and my face turned red and oily :D

Today was the pay day for my cafeteria staffs.
Yaaay for them!
and naaaay for me :D
two of my cafeteria branch staffs resigned on Sunday morning. A very short notice indeed.
I was upset but I would not stop them.
The reasons were odd, but let's pray for the best, Amin.
This condition makes me stay and help in Cafeteria Merdeka full time. I had no time to order, pick-up, and send over shoes today, and no time whatsoever to pay the car tax yet, hope I'm not gonna be late on that, and hopefully no penalty for the late this time, no, not again :D


didn't go out with my brother a lot, but once we did, we did an amazing eating spree :D



sorry Idya for accidentally chopping your head off with my phone's camera,
but you looked stunning with Kozzy Shoes! :)


one is definetely not enough XD

I wonder why my camera goes blur every time I'm using timer. Why???

This belt, my mom got me from Kalimantan,, and the heels,, of course they are Kozzy Shoes :)

Finally weekend again, and I hope I can get a real weekend this time, since next Saturday I'll be catering for the graduation ceremony. Means: getting up dawn.
This weekend I'm going to start reading my April Elle. Yes, it's April edition. Yes, it's 16th of April today. And yes, I haven't touched it yet. Since I'm not good at bookkeeping, managing two cafeteria -with all the ibuibu problems- was confusing for me at first, but I'm keeping up :)
And finally today I got another MC job, a semi-formal seminar held by Ministry of Finance on Surat Utang Negara and Obligasi Negara Ritel.

Yes, I was half floating away in the middle of the sessions, but I really was trying to understand. I was :D

errr.... I reread what I just wrote in this post, and it's kinda random :D



The shoes!! 3 more coming next week
yesterday was the opening of my 2nd canteen,, a completely different place, atmosphere, condition, and human resources.
I dare you human resources studies students, switch with me, 
and solve these strange problems of human kind!
and last weekend i had two busy days --doesn't feel like weekend at all--
prepared the canteen, bought the stuffs i haven't bought for the canteen,
went to the same store twice a day and made the store owner waaaay richer in two days,
cleaned everything up, stressed everything out,
and missing the flower festival :(
oh, that was last week.
The highlight, thou, I got to meet Ms. Sue Cooper! 
She is my former teacher in John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School,
Perth, Western Australia, on 2004-2005
She pretty much took care of me during my stay in Perth,
she even celebrated my 18th birthday! She threw a party in Indonesian language class! (yes, i took Indonesian language class in Aussie. I was trying to be a good native resource for them, but as you'd probably guess, I messed the class up, and my Indonesian test is not higher than half of the class LOL )
Ms. Cooper, and me.

My mother thought now I wore too less make up. I think I am.
I'll post that day outfit later on :)


amnesia vs msg

I just realize I never posted my MC or presenter pics,, This one is me about 4kg ago :D
This is a marketing seminar in Montana 2 Hotel (the hotel got a new name name now, it had been acquitted by other hotel, but I can't remember the new name and the other hotel name whatsoever. The man in the machinery shop (I bought an exhaust van for the cafeteria) the other day told me that this 'short-term-memory-phenomenon' is spreading because of the MSG -mono sodium glutamate- we eat everyday.  I'm not surprised.
I used to eat out almost every meal time. And those food out there, you never know what's in them. 
I never really cared, and I don't,
but I tried to save more memories so in Cafe Merdeka you won't find too much MSG in our food :)

anyways,, the standing guy in the last picture is Pak Danang Kurnia, who owns several big food businesses in Malang, and inspires me to work for myself, THANK YOU SIR, I am trying my best now :)
This seminar was held by Win's Enterprise, owned by a magnificent young businessman, Wino (2nd, far right, 1st photo). He visited the cafeteria in our 1st days :) Thank you!!!!
Next to him, Iir, has known me since we were both kindergarten, she now run a boutique, and she helped me with my decision to stay in the business lane :)
and she assured me to take my master degree this year, :) but naay,,, about that one, I'm still not so sure :)


They told me I shouldnt wear heels and cute clothes in my canteen

No me! That's bad...
All shoes!
This one is Kozzy Shoes for Rani's sister :)


need to change my banner

another kozzy shoes,,,, 5 arrived yesterday :)
Thank you for Unique Shopp for your constant and continuous marketing, you are AWESOME!

I am currently panicking for the UM branch cafeteria.
Current condition: far from my expectation and I haven't done any utensil shopping because Gatya is very busy with his Bank Mandiri tests (congratulation!!) and graduation thingies. Yes, i'm not independent. I like it when someone drives me everywhere I go, because somehow I don't enjoy driving very much. 
I probably should hire a driver :D

umh.... the shopping list is 30cm long.