Fitting session


My home internet access has reached its limit. Not even reached it, the bytes that i used have exceeded twice the limit.
I shouldve only used 1GB, and I used like 2.3GB. My folks went crazy and i shouldnt use internet at home anymore.
But,,, really, do you think i can live without internet? Neh.

Just a quick update in my sneaky access..

I was finally able to get my fash.design tasks done, and although i have to pay the penalty, i could go for the exams! Yaay!

And today I did the fitting session with the models for my final task dress. It's the peacock dress i told you before.

It went ou terrific, but my dress doesnt seem as ALIVE and OUTSTANDING as the original drawing, that's what I felt and that's what my friends told me.

But I got a quick fix! Add some beads and stones on the dress, and let's see the difference.

I'll post the pic of it when I'm done putting all the beads and stones on it!

Well, this is what I wore on my fitting session !!

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