The sketches!

I've been thinking of uploading my sketches
it's not outstandingly drawn
but usually i like it (cos i draw it :P)

If i compare myself right now and me in the past,
it's like a metamorphosing process,
some people usually metamorphosing in the inside
and not much changing on the surface.
But I metamorphosed in such a huge way,
I metamorphosed in and out,

so, i think this sketch represents it the best..

aaaand.... i put this design to a fashion design contest :D
challenging my confidence and broken soul to show my work to the world,
the finalists get to present the actual dress in the grand final,
I hope i'll be one of them,,

finger crossed..
HOPE doesnt hurt
so hoping is perfectly fine :D

and forgive me for the misspell... should be cocoon instead of coccoon..
i know iknow~! Sorry!

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