No, I'm not being stupid or acting silly in a store. I was just out with my Mom and there you go, a pink little bag peeking in the corner of my eye. It screamed "Hello there, pick me, I'm youuuurs!" I was standing in the middle of the store trying to catch my own breath. It said "C'mon,, another bag wouldn't hurt! I match your pink heels, remember?". I was still standing there like a fool. "Got no money?" It asked, "Why don't you ask your Mom, she just got her lecturing fee? I belong to youuuuu!!"

And NO, people. I'm not exaggerating. That's just how I felt when I saw this little pink bag. If only it didn't cost me a motorbike (yea, what do you expect from a chanel handbag's price tag?) i would be cuddling it by now. Asking my Mom? I wouldn't even think off that. Well,, I lied. I thought of it. Yes, I'm 22, making money of my own, but I'm still the broke daughter drooling over a chanel bag, what else should I think? And guess what the Mom got to say, "This bag looks exactly like your blue chanel bag, only this one is pink. So why would you want that? PLUS you can feed a whole bunch of orphan kids with that price. Don't be ridiculous. " End of discussion.

p.s.: I want it because it's cute, pink, and it's a chanel bag for godsake.

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