the cafeteria and me

That's how the cafeteria looks like, early in the morning.

No one is around yet -i haven't even put the money in the cash register-
only my beloved cooks and staffs, preparing for the big day :)

I guess choosing to run a cafeteria might not be the most glamorous job.
As I can't just wear any cutie outfits I actually want to wear, especially in busy days when my help is greatly needed, and I will smell like spices, and run around taking the dirty plates and cleaning the tables, or behind the cash register.

Like today, I had to attend a meeting in brawijaya university. I dressed up preppy, and wore my new Kozzy Shoes
Love it!
I was wearing them today and ran around checking bottles, tissues, and wiping the tables.
And someone chuckled, said things like "Hahahaha,, mbak itu saltum", "Gaya bener yang jaga kantin gaul pake high heel!!"


BUT,, although it is might not the most glamorous choice for me,
I put a really big grin on my face today,,
This business is going well so far (7daysoldonly),
and we were offered to open another one in UM, state university of malang.
much smaller than this one and we have to share the whole big room with 5 other tenants,
and there will be one other cash register machine! Yaaay! I love that thing.


Ladyulia said...

sayang sekali ya
ndak ada photo mbaknya lagi servis the customer...

Mi Mi Mi said...

iyaa siiist ga ada yang fotoin,, :D harusnya pas lagi lap lap meja sambil pake high heel gitu yaa :D