long day...?

This dress is by Me. Wore once when I was MC-ing for a pop singer audition, covered by a local TV in Malang. Too bad, I had no chance to promote my works :D
I was wearing this with a black spandex turtle neck, skinny black pants, black heels, black scarf, and gray bandanna. See, I'm bad at documenting. I had no photos of it whatsoever.
I'm planning on wardrobe shopping this month.

Anyways. Monday is the opening for Cafe Merdeka (FATHER named it. Based on the location, Merdeka University,Malang) which means I won't be able to do anything at all besides sitting behind the cash register machine and teach the staffs how to use that magical thing. Even I only remember vaguely how to operate it. Today we were getting ready, washed all the dishes, cleaned the whole room, printed the menus, bought mirrors, bottle openers, curtains which match the wall color -tosca!- , put the signs up, and we still have few things to do tomorrow. And since the place will be opened at 7.30am, I have to be there at 7am. And due to my insomnia, I'm not a morning person at all. So let's see what's gonna happen.

Hey, I'm watching America's Got Talents at the moment, and the triplet girls are wearing awesome zebra print  hats!!!!!

Sorry for the randomness :D

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