I'm online mostly every day, but i didn't find a good grip to blog lately :D

Anyways,, I was complaining about the translation job, right.. It was the whole first week of March and it was truly exhausting. But I cant complain for my salary, it's beyond words :D although I had to translate one whole folder of case study for the whole 2nd week of March, and slept at 2am everyday of that week,, naaaah,, I was not complaining whatsoever!

Lesson of the month: Step out of my comfort zone, huge step.

Too bad, no photos whatsoever at the moment. I havent gotten any copies if them till now.

And yesterday I was MC-ing in Mall Olympic Garden, malang, for Gab's Model Agent 3rd anniversary. I did the first half of the show, and the other half was done by Mas Oneng, the more experienced and awesome MC :D . I was wearing stripy shirt, studded cardigan, skinny pants, and studded ankle boots. All black and off white.  Too bad, still,, no photos. Gatya, whom I was gonna ask to take pictures while I was busy with the microphone, went off for some meeting.

I'm too bad at documenting. I have to start changing, sigh....

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