Yay!! Downsized me!!

Yaaaaaay!! I'm 7 kilos lighter than I was 3 months ago XD

So I did this super exciting recipes, I mixed green tea and lemon and had the horribly sour drink right after meals. Apparently they washed our fats off. Isn't that amazing??

And of course running two chaotic canteens and hectic shoe production timeline helped a lot. Not to mention the troubled staffs, the quit ones, the fussy customers, and my 'canteen regulars' XD ehem. There will be another post about that, not in sometimes soon XD.

Last week, Malang, my city, had a big event. Known as Malang Tempo Doeloe or The Old Time of Malang. I got to do jobs for Kakang Mbakyu Malang in the middle of a big order in the canteen, and the horrible make up. That'll be another post too XD

Here, I'm wearing a 2nd blazer bought from online shop. I was very sure it would fit, but guess what its kinda one size too small :p so I'd better stay in shape!

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