I miss my blog

Supposed to be able to blog more *cry out loud*

These are my 'personal buyer' moments for today. They wanted me to find a black cropped blazer and a dark long coat. Thank you dear clients, now I can buy the lipstick I always wanted ;)

Annnddd coming up: I'm importing a huge bunch of dresses and shoes from china,, -thanks to Putri Athya the fab fashionlover for the fab lessons, go home quick, let's get back to business-

Sooo,, I just can't wait putting all the pics in here!!

*my bf is in a great state of health right now, and he is already back behind the wheel driving me from one place to another ;p*



L1L2 said...

yes, we miss you blogging too... and that first picture's shoulder details are awesome:)

Athya's said...

Thanks again for you too.. the fab fashion goddess XD
together we will get over the online world! hahahaha