In shoes we trust

So proud of Kozzy Shoes works lately, I'm sort of amazed by my own shoes XD sorry,,

Kozzy Shoes is overcapacity at the moment, and I AM currently looking for solutions and alternatives, please do comment or email me for suggestions, thank God I have you ;)

Anyways, these shots are from Vian and Vina Mahardika, my awesome twin friends, who love 12cm and bright colors more than anything, and the orange shoes are theirs, and those are their foot in the pics.

And thanks to Inge cyber dreamer and d.s.y from http://livingdaisy.blogspot.com for the online support when I was sick-blogging, you two are amazing! But this gadget refuses to let me leave comments on any blog, so I'm sorry for not being able to write back, I will as soon as I find a decent laptop and internet connection. Fyi, my home-net-connection was suddenly down these few days X( nope, I have paid the bill.

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inge / cyber dreamer said...

sepatunya keren ^^

udah sembuh yah...
moga bs cepet blogwalking lagi yah ^^