I've been on the t-shirt mood these days, and along with that, I caught a horrible cold from my mom. I am currently coughing and trying hard to hold my sneeze.

Anyways, it's been a busy week for Kozzy Shoes and Cafeteria Merdeka. Kozzy shoes is overcapacity right now and we can't make our orders on time :( I'm still trying to figure out solutions. Cafeteria had some human resources issues, we fired one person due to her I'mthebigboss attitude and her messing up with me. And a big consequence because of that decision is I had to close down the UM branch, at least temporarily. You know I had no more people to fill her in because 4 people already left because they couldn't stand working with her.

A big lesson comes in big packages plus big slap in the face XD

I'm in love with my own shoes by the way.

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