Shopping Spree

Anyways, my mom is in the shopping mood these days. In a week she has already bought lots. I mean it, lots.

Well, she has good excuses though.. She is going to Australia in the end of January, for 3 months, so she thinks she needs lots of stuff.And i kind of happy with this phenomenon because i know that i'll be able to use sme of the things she bought (definetely the bags!yaaaay!)

But still, this is not a normal behaviour in our family.

The good thing was, when she shopped for another pair of shoe (she has already bought a pair before, which looks almost the same with the one she bought this time, but it's brown and the other one is black,those shoes look like sisters!), i got one too! she bought me this very cute flat! It still hurts my feet though, because the leather is a bit too stiff, i think.

But, o well, I'm in love with this flat. Surely it'll be comfy sometimes soon! :)

it even has cute stud on the back!

And the other good thing was she bought a black oversized bag!!
It is H.U.G.E!!!!
I'll probably be able to smuggle a baby in it

There's no label in it, so i have no idea what brand the bag is. But my mom bought it from famous bag maker in my province, so I assume that the bag i handmade.And I will be able wearing it in 3 months! Ha Ha!

I'll post a pic of me in these things on next posts, because i am not wearing decent-clothes-to-be-displayed-on-the-blog right now!

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