Once upon a kebaya!!

I've always been in love with this traditional dress of Indonesia.Somehow it makes any kind of figure looks good. It accentuates every curve in woman body.

If I have to say my opinion about Kebaya in one word, i would simply say it's AMAZINGLYBEAUTIFUL.
What? It's one word!

But sometimes I hate the dressmakers who made Kebaya for me for such a big price and resulted such a not figure friendly Kebaya.They drive me nuts all the time.

You see, there is this one big rule in making or choosing a Kebaya. It has to be perfectly fitted to your body.I said FIT doesnt mean it has to be TIGHT, but FIT means it has to suit your figure perfectly.

Yes, it needs an advance craftmanship to make miracle happens!

That's why it is said Kebaya is supposed to be specially made for one.

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