The tribal thingy?

Yep. That's the grand theme for my final assignment. This final assignment determines my GPA. And probably my future career as a fashion designer :D

It was very exciting for an upcoming-beginner-fashion-designer to know that her piece of work will be modeled in a catwalk!

A fashion show!

But yes, it WAS exciting.

Well it is still very exciting, but not as much as it was. The amount of work is excruciating!!!

I'm taking two majors -fashion design and business management- at the same time, so there is me to be blamed.

But it's not the only problem, i suggest to everyone out there --people, just dont try to study fashion design in such a short time period.Seriously.--

Anyways, let's talk about the exciting part. I went to the market for material hunting a few days ago. It's not only fun to be surrounded by colourful fabrics, but it's also confusing!The spirit of making my design happens is so overwhelming! One colour differ slightly from the others, the qualities too. It's hard to choose. Everything was so pretty!

I'm going to share how it will look. In the meantime, that is the only thing I can do, and I'll publish the design after the dress is done!

So, it will be two pieces. A long sleeve blouse with a big skirt. Big, you know like the old Western dresses worn by Cinderella? Yea, the skirt looks like that.With a few layering here and there, and a headscarf with peacock feathers on top.

And the general theme of this outfit is peacock.

My friend, Widy, recommended 'Les Damme Paonnes' for the title. She said it means Lady Peacock or something sounds like that.

Gosh, I dont even remember how to spell it.

Is my spelling right?

I think it sounds exotic. I want this outfit get the exotic feeling, so i decided to use the title!

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