Exam is on the way!!

So, my exams are on their way! Next two weeks my brain is gonna be exploded by those exams...
The first two weeks will be the exam for my Business Management major,
The following week will be the Fashion Design exam
which I'm not sure whether I'll be able to join or not...
Lots of unfinished assignments!

But anyways, talking about exams, i found nice prep looks!

is it too small?

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putikeswara said...

mbak priimiiii

mbak prim aku ada ide nihh
bikin fashion on malang street
buat anak2 malang yang doyan fashion,polivoring,stylist.
entar aku bantuin deh mbak..
tapi aku jauh nihhh...gimana donk

aku lagi addict make dress nih mbaa.entar kita share2 yuuk