A fringe that pokes you in the eye.

Yep. I'm talking about FRINGE!

Actually I'm supposed to be studying for Global Business Exam,
but something more important is bothering me now, and i won't calm down until I release it..

So this afternoon, I met a friend who has a new FRINGE. It is deadly straight and sharp.
Ad it went right up on her eyelids, and it seems like she has some problem opening her eyes normally.
Talking about a constant blinking.
Correct me if this expression is exaggerating.
But seriously, the fringe pokes her eyes!

Then my other friend came and he asked her
"What the hell is happening to your hair??"
Then she said to me,
"I actually want to cut my fringe longer than this."
I asked, "like... covering-your-eyes long?"
She said, "Yea,, it must be cool."
I made weird faces, "Ow-kay.What the hell is wrong with you?"
She said,
"Being in pain is fine, as long as it is trendy."
I rolled my eyes.

"You're sick."

look! these girls have long fringe!

Well then,
Lesson No.1:

No. Really. Fashion is not supposed to slave you. Fashion is supposed to be your best mate.


putikeswara said...

fashion is pain sometimes.
feel comfort, free to move and say never to torturing my body.thats my fashion way.

oke deh mbak prriiim.
aku lagi prepare balik ke indo nih,baru selesai ujian.

Mi Mi Mi said...

yea, that's a good thing to do,, dont poke your eyes with your fringe, it's not cool at all :D

i'm not an anti-fringe by the way,

qie,,, votoin anak2 sana yang stylish2 dung? ntar q uploadin gitu~