Once Upon A Morning!

There you go,,,
Well, there is nothing too fashiony in this 'short movie'
only a bunch of messed make up tools, clothes, and old posters,
oh, and our high school uniform back then if you consider it as fashion items!

I filmed this with Neila, Adel, Cimplek, and Vivit about 3 years ago when I was in year 12
and done with the editing years after that :D
I'm lazy. I thought you guys know well about it :D

Because this is made when I was younger,,
yea, I mean I was year 12, people
so, i'm showing you how we did it back then,

Please enjoy,,,

Hmmm... I think i should do a story about uniform,,,


Ekak Hardianto said...

Fashionholic ternyata...

Well, asal jangan sampai jadi penjahat mode aja (hahaha)

Keep posting!

KOZZY said...


yep,,, fashionholic,,, not a trendholic :)

setuju kak,,,, no fashion crime :D