amnesia vs msg

I just realize I never posted my MC or presenter pics,, This one is me about 4kg ago :D
This is a marketing seminar in Montana 2 Hotel (the hotel got a new name name now, it had been acquitted by other hotel, but I can't remember the new name and the other hotel name whatsoever. The man in the machinery shop (I bought an exhaust van for the cafeteria) the other day told me that this 'short-term-memory-phenomenon' is spreading because of the MSG -mono sodium glutamate- we eat everyday.  I'm not surprised.
I used to eat out almost every meal time. And those food out there, you never know what's in them. 
I never really cared, and I don't,
but I tried to save more memories so in Cafe Merdeka you won't find too much MSG in our food :)

anyways,, the standing guy in the last picture is Pak Danang Kurnia, who owns several big food businesses in Malang, and inspires me to work for myself, THANK YOU SIR, I am trying my best now :)
This seminar was held by Win's Enterprise, owned by a magnificent young businessman, Wino (2nd, far right, 1st photo). He visited the cafeteria in our 1st days :) Thank you!!!!
Next to him, Iir, has known me since we were both kindergarten, she now run a boutique, and she helped me with my decision to stay in the business lane :)
and she assured me to take my master degree this year, :) but naay,,, about that one, I'm still not so sure :)