The shoes!! 3 more coming next week
yesterday was the opening of my 2nd canteen,, a completely different place, atmosphere, condition, and human resources.
I dare you human resources studies students, switch with me, 
and solve these strange problems of human kind!
and last weekend i had two busy days --doesn't feel like weekend at all--
prepared the canteen, bought the stuffs i haven't bought for the canteen,
went to the same store twice a day and made the store owner waaaay richer in two days,
cleaned everything up, stressed everything out,
and missing the flower festival :(
oh, that was last week.
The highlight, thou, I got to meet Ms. Sue Cooper! 
She is my former teacher in John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School,
Perth, Western Australia, on 2004-2005
She pretty much took care of me during my stay in Perth,
she even celebrated my 18th birthday! She threw a party in Indonesian language class! (yes, i took Indonesian language class in Aussie. I was trying to be a good native resource for them, but as you'd probably guess, I messed the class up, and my Indonesian test is not higher than half of the class LOL )
Ms. Cooper, and me.

My mother thought now I wore too less make up. I think I am.
I'll post that day outfit later on :)


MELISSA Z. said...

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Mi Mi Mi said...

Hi Mel!

Thanks a lot for stopping by :)

Sure do,,, I'll go straight to yours :)