I just remembered I had this knee-dress,, I bought it in Sukowati Market, Bali, 1.5 years ago,
just because I felt like my friends had done all the frantic shopping and I hadn't bought anything yet,
i decided to get this dress for myself.
Such a reactive impulsive buying :D
This dress is fully smocked from the breast part down to my mid-abdomen part,
the tightness of the smocks suffocate me every time I wear this.  Ouch.
no shoes,, because I'm in the tv room, on a mattress,, no shoes allowed!
no make up, because it was taken in the end of the day,
when my make up all wore off and my face turned red and oily :D

Today was the pay day for my cafeteria staffs.
Yaaay for them!
and naaaay for me :D
two of my cafeteria branch staffs resigned on Sunday morning. A very short notice indeed.
I was upset but I would not stop them.
The reasons were odd, but let's pray for the best, Amin.
This condition makes me stay and help in Cafeteria Merdeka full time. I had no time to order, pick-up, and send over shoes today, and no time whatsoever to pay the car tax yet, hope I'm not gonna be late on that, and hopefully no penalty for the late this time, no, not again :D


inge / cyber dreamer said...

keren2 euy ^^
good night

Anonymous said...

yeah. i realized u dont put ur make up.so pale.hehe:)

nice post mimi:)

and for ur comment,yeah that's my room. :)

shatirah / tyra'station

Anonymous said...

forgot to say something

thanks for follow me.
i follow u already.hehe:)

shatirah / tyra'station

Mi Mi Mi said...

Inge,, makasih sayang :)nite nite...

Tyra,, I know hey,,, I look like a ghost somehow :D

thank you Tyra!

Wooow,,, looks like you have an amazing set of wardrobe behind you!! :)