didn't go out with my brother a lot, but once we did, we did an amazing eating spree :D


Anonymous said...

what's that menu?
so colourful.

shatirah / tyra'station

Mi Mi Mi said...

I know,, isnt it scary?? it's blue :D

ni Es Campur Fantasi,, something similar to Ais Batu Campur if i'm not mistaken (almost 13 years ago i had this in Johor :D )

but they use a super thick sugar mixture -the blue thingy- instead of syrup, and last but not least, they sprinkle the m&m!!!! yummy!!

come visit Malang, Tira! I'll take you to Pangsit Mie Bromo Pojok, and you'll be able to try this super sweet blue thing XD