This is still a test

Hmmm... My SE g900 is definetely better in photo quality, compared to this one. And posting comments to your blogs, girls, is a pain using this gadget.

This pic is taken in Dieng Plaza basement. Gatya and I were having one unpleasant weekend this time :D

The batwing top was Mama's back in 1989 and now it's mine. Clutch is the bonus from Elle Indonesia April. Loooove bonuses!
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Dorothy Souhuwat said...

woww,,karena sudah berhasil jadi sekarang selalu post dr bb yach..hehehhehe

oke,,nanti aku kasi tau kok klo aku udah niat jualan..hehehehe

KOZZY said...

Hahaha....ga pake senter seh.