Been sketching

I was once good at sketching. I was sketching throughout junior high school, first years of senior
high, and on 2009 during my fashion design course. Since I was juggling between my bachelor degree, MC-ing, organizations, and the design course, I didn't get much in my head, honestly. And I feel sorry for myself I wanted to take as many opportunities but the I got no focus and tadaaa not much happening -,-

So today my friend made me back to sketching for my Kozzy Closet shoe line but somehow my hand was kind of stiff :( 

I didn't result a good sketch as I used to. The image in my mind wouldn't portrayed rightly on the paper. So I sketched up real shoes photos, and there you go...

Still crappy and messy, but I'm practising. I promise to myself, started off today, I'll sketch at least 3 shoes per day. Wish me luck.