The Comeback

Well, helloooo

I'm back!
Been a while (err..... months). Things have changed a lot, and the only thing stays the same is that I'm still female.

It is the 9th month of 2011 now. And during these 9 months I've been doing a lot. I traveled to several countries, going for some competitions, meeting new people, losing and getting business ventures, gaining a lot of weight, being on and off in relationships, and being busy.

So I guess what I'll do is I'll post the traveling part in one post each country first, then I'll post other things afterward.

Well, the biggest lesson I learned this year is being a completely independent woman. I found it both easy and difficult at the same time. I mean, not relying on anyone else but yourself, can result a big leap and can be quite a handful. But then, it comes back to us, who else will we rely on?

Aaaand, the biggest thing is I need to re-learn writing :)) This post is definitely a blah xD
Anyways, enjoy :)

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