Under The Perth Sky

Yaaaay I'm back to Perth!

I guess Australia is my 2nd home. Been living there for a year back then. I lived in Malaysia longer than that, but somehow Australia left a big mark on me and affected me a lot in so many ways. I practically lived there on my own, with my lovely hostfamilies whom I already feel like my own family. I was there for AFS student exchange. I spent my half of year 11 and other half of year 12 in Perth. I celebrated my 18th birthday there. I was working as kitchen hand, canteen assistant, you name it. I learned a bit of style lesson, and I learned a lot of life lesson in Perth.

So coming back there after 6 years is such a blast (if only the trip is not that far and expensive, I'd be there now and then). The excitement was beyond words.

This time, I went there for my host sister's wedding: Allyce. She was marrying Brodie, her forever boyfriend. They were going out when I lived there, and they stayed together until now. Such a love story! My host parents got my flight tickets covered, which was really generous of them :)) And there I was, standing under the Perth sky once again.

Trouble is: traveling alone means not many self-pictures. I should really learn a lot from other solo travelers. 
 The Welcoming Party Dinner from the Watts family :)

 I came in time for Australia Day! Fireworks, people!

 Under The Perth Sky :')

 "Hello, I am Nicky" He was 2 y.o when I lived with him, now he is 9 and huge!

 This is my old room! Well, it is technically Tahnee's room :')

 The Williamson! If they were not helping me out back then, I don't know what would happen to me.

 The Bridesmaid!

 Daddy and Allyce walked down the aisle. Sorry for the unrotated picture, i thought it could be done in this post directly, but I couldn't.

 The Watts girls! That is my host-Mum, Lee, standing next to me.

 The Bride and The Groom!

 We rode home in a hummer limo

 A small reunion :) That's Adelle and Mel :)

My lovely high school bestfriends!

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