one is definetely not enough XD

I wonder why my camera goes blur every time I'm using timer. Why???

This belt, my mom got me from Kalimantan,, and the heels,, of course they are Kozzy Shoes :)

Finally weekend again, and I hope I can get a real weekend this time, since next Saturday I'll be catering for the graduation ceremony. Means: getting up dawn.
This weekend I'm going to start reading my April Elle. Yes, it's April edition. Yes, it's 16th of April today. And yes, I haven't touched it yet. Since I'm not good at bookkeeping, managing two cafeteria -with all the ibuibu problems- was confusing for me at first, but I'm keeping up :)
And finally today I got another MC job, a semi-formal seminar held by Ministry of Finance on Surat Utang Negara and Obligasi Negara Ritel.

Yes, I was half floating away in the middle of the sessions, but I really was trying to understand. I was :D

errr.... I reread what I just wrote in this post, and it's kinda random :D


Atikah Amalia said...

answering your comment. hehe okeee. rencananya sih aku ga jadi pake yg itu.
ntar ada lagi..
ntar aku post deeh ;)

Mi Mi Mi said...

very nice :) di post yaaa penge tauuuu :)